The Team


Below is the team working tirelessly to make your dreams a virtual reality.


Justin Case

Chief Executive Officer

Justin is as passionate about this project as he was at the start and is working tirelessly bringing it to life. Thanks Justin!


Robyn Banks

Chief Financial Officer

Robyn is keeping us afloat during the good times and the bad! With a good eye and quick responses, she helps us make this dream come true. Thanks Robyn!


Tim Burr

Chief Operating Officer

Tim is the steady influence that keeps us all centered. He has really grown into his role and is a valued member of the leadership team. Thanks Tim!


Betty Heard

Chief Marketing Officer

Betty is how you found our website. She has a great knack for getting out in front of the right audiences to be sure we continue expanding. Thanks Betty!


Cruiser McCamera

Chief 360 Video Officer

Cruiser does all the video shoots using a 360 camera. He can see and navigates expertly to tour properties and record perfect 360 videos. Thanks Cruiser!


Anita Head

Chief HR Officer

Anita makes sure we have everyone we need to get the job done for our clients. Not always an easy job keeping us all happy and productive so, thanks Anita!

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